View all your workspaces (Workspace dashboard)


Your workspaces are shown on the Workspace dashboard.

To view all your workspaces

To navigate to your Workspace dashboard from anywhere in Foodworks:

  • From the Workspaces dropdown, select View all workspaces.

On the dashboard, you can view your starred workspaces and all of your workspaces are shown in the All workspaces table. 


  • To favourite a workspace, in the All workspaces table, hover over the workspace and select the star. 
  • To open a workspace, select a favourited workspace or a workspace in the All workspaces table.
  • To change the view between Active or Archived workspaces, click the tabs on the All workspaces table. 
  • To search for a workspace, in the All workspaces table, use     Search.
  • View and open your recently updated workspaces from the Workspaces dropdown.
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  • would be better if I could click on the links from this page. 



  • I don't have time to fix the issues with this program. However, you could give to IT person, ask them to make hyperlinks into 'my workspace'. So when I, for example, save my work, I can come back to it easily, and 100% will still be there.


  • Hi Christine, 

    Thank you for your feedback. I have responded to you via a support ticket (#457).

    I look forward to hearing back from you there. 

    Kind regards, 
    Courtney Support Team 

  • Hi Christine,

    Thank you for getting in touch with us. 

    I have created a ticket for your enquiry (#489). Could you please respond via the support ticket to help us understand your feedback better. 

    Thank you in advance!

    Shian Support Team


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