View all your workspaces (workspace dashboard)


Your workspaces are shown on the Workspace dashboard.

To view all your workspaces

To navigate to your Workspace dashboard from anywhere in Foodworks:

  • From the Workspaces dropdown, select View all workspaces.

On the dashboard, you can view your starred workspaces and all of your workspaces are shown in the All workspaces table. 


  • To favourite a workspace, in the All workspaces table, hover over the workspace and select the star. 
  • To open a workspace, select a favourited workspace or a workspace in the All workspaces table.
  • To change the view between Active or Archived workspaces, click the tabs on the All workspaces table. 
  • To search for a workspace, in the All workspaces table, use     Search.
  • View and open your recently updated workspaces from the Workspaces dropdown.
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