Enter or edit volume measures for a liquid recipe


You can enable volume measurements (such as cup, mL and L) for a recipe. To do so, provide specific gravity data (density) for the recipe. 

To enable volume measures

  1. Open the recipe. 
  2. On the Measures tab, enter a number of millilitres (mL) and its corresponding weight in grams (g). See Tip
  3. To show the analyses for this recipe per 100mL, in the analysis pane, select the Liquid checkbox.
  4. Click Save


To find out the specific gravity, you can use kitchen scales to weigh a certain volume of the recipe. For example, you could use a measuring cup to weigh 250mL of soup which weighs 263g. 


  • Now when you use this recipe as an ingredient in another recipe or as a food in a food record, you can use volume measures to enter its quantity.
  • The Volume data provides a Volume Conversion Factor (or specific gravity) for the recipe so that weight can be converted to volume measures. 
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