The cloud roadmap for

This plan is for the rollout of editions and features during 2022. This plan is periodically reviewed and updated.

Revised May 2022

Anticipated rollout of editions

Edition Shipped Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3-4 2022 Future
Professional Dec 2021        
Nutrition Labelling       Checkmark_50_px.png   
Duo       Checkmark_50_px.png  
Education July 2022     Checkmark.png  
Research         Checkmark_50_px.png

Anticipated rollout of features

Professional edition

Feature Shipped Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3-4 2022 Future
Coming_soon.png   What to expect next...
Reports Mar 2022 Checkmark.png      
Foods for Special Medical Purposes May 2022   Checkmark.png    
NZ FOODfiles 2018 July 2022     Checkmark.png  
Two-factor authentication Mar 2022 Checkmark.png       
Conversion tool: For importing FoodWorks 10 Pro data into Foodworks Online Pro        Checkmark_50_px.png  
in_the_pipeline.png   Team management and collaboration
In-depth user permissions features         Checkmark_50_px.png
In-depth sharing and collaboration features       Checkmark_50_px.png   
future.png   Easy Diet Diary integration
Client diaries: Import client diaries logged in Easy Diet Diary to Foodworks Online Pro         Checkmark_50_px.png 
Meal plans: Push meal plans from Foodworks Online Pro to clients using Easy Diet Diary         Checkmark_50_px.png 
Client communication: Use Foodworks Online Pro to message and communicate with clients using Easy Diet Diary         Checkmark_50_px.png 
in_the_pipeline.png  Data upgrades
Food data upgrade: To AusBrands Live and AusFoods Live       Checkmark_50_px.png   
Food data upgrade: To FOODfiles 2022          Checkmark_50_px.png
Food data corrections: Crowd-sourcing features in Easy Diet Diary and Foodworks for food data corrections and updates
future.png   Data sharing
Share your data: Create custom data sources for your organisation, selected organisations, or all Foodworks Online users         Checkmark_50_px.png  
ongoing.png   Enhancements, bug fixes, response to feedback
General upgrades and enhancements including actions from customer feedback Checkmark_50_px.png  Checkmark_50_px.png    Checkmark_50_px.png Checkmark_50_px.png   Checkmark_50_px.png    

Please note: All dates are indicative only and may be subject to changes 

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