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This plan is for the rollout of editions and features during 2022. This plan is periodically reviewed and updated.

Revised 9 February 2022

Rollout of editions

Edition Shipped Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3-4 2022 Future
Professional Dec 2021        
Nutrition Labelling       Checkmark_50_px.png   
Duo       Checkmark_50_px.png  
Education     Checkmark_50_px.png    
Research         Checkmark_50_px.png

Rollout of features

Professional edition

Feature Shipped Q1 2022 Q2 2022 Q3-4 2022 Future
Coming_soon.png   What to expect next...
Reports Mar 2022 Checkmark.png      
NZ FOODfiles 2018     Checkmark_50_px.png     
Two-factor authentication Mar 2022 Checkmark.png       
Conversion tool: For importing FoodWorks 10 Pro data into Foodworks Online Pro     Checkmark_50_px.png       
in_the_pipeline.png   Team management and collaboration
In-depth user permissions features       Checkmark_50_px.png   
In-depth sharing and collaboration features       Checkmark_50_px.png   
future.png   Easy Diet Diary integration
Client diaries: Import client diaries logged in Easy Diet Diary to Foodworks Online Pro         Checkmark_50_px.png 
Meal plans: Push meal plans from Foodworks Online Pro to clients using Easy Diet Diary         Checkmark_50_px.png 
Client communication: Use Foodworks Online Pro to message and communicate with clients using Easy Diet Diary         Checkmark_50_px.png 
in_the_pipeline.png  Data upgrades
Food data upgrade: To AusBrands Live and AusFoods Live       Checkmark_50_px.png   
Food data corrections: Crowd-sourcing features in Easy Diet Diary and Foodworks for food data corrections and updates
future.png   Data sharing
Share your data: Create custom data sources for your organisation, selected organisations, or all Foodworks Online users         Checkmark_50_px.png  
ongoing.png   Enhancements, bug fixes, response to feedback
General upgrades and enhancements including actions from customer feedback Checkmark_50_px.png  Checkmark_50_px.png    Checkmark_50_px.png Checkmark_50_px.png   Checkmark_50_px.png    

Please note: All dates are indicative only and may be subject to changes 

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