View Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs)


You can analyse some client resources (food records, 24 hour recalls and meal plans) according to the client's personal NRVs.

To show the NRV analysis for a client resource

  1. Open the client resource.
  2. In the analysis pane, click NRV analysis:
  3. Select the unit of analysis, for example, Avg/Day, MJ, Total.


  • If the NRVs are not showing in the analysis pane for the resource, on the General tab for this client, enter any missing details. These client details are used in their NRV calculations. See Enter or edit a client's profile details.
  • To see the NRVs calculated for this client, view their NRVs/Goals tab.
  • To see NRVs for a workspace resource, such as a meal plan, copy the resource to the relevant client: Open the workspace resource, click the ellipsis (...), select Copy to client, select the client and click OK.
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