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new_feature.png FOODfiles 2018 data source for New Zealand
new_feature.png Import FoodWorks 10 Professional database into

May 2022

new_feature.pngFoods for Special Medical Purposes (FSMP) data source
enhancement.pngNew sample workspace for Professional included, with sample clients, recipes, foods, meal plans and food records 

April 2022

enhancement.pngEnhanced nutrient and component toggles to ensure both kilojoule and calorie versions on energy were enabled at the same time
enhancement.png Updated UI of text alignment in client graph tab to improve readability
enhancement.png Added tooltip to improve the clarity of the client general tab
enhancement.png Updated UI of resource name title field to fit longer resource names
enhancement.png Updated UI of client graphs tab for clarity
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the incorrect energy value to be used in recipe reports
enhancement.png Enhanced app keyboard accessibility
bug_fix.png Fixed bug impacting the nutrient calculation of very large resources
enhancement.png Enhanced the workspace search
enhancement.png Added auto-calculation of volume discounts
enhancement.png Added ability to remove a default measure for a food or recipe
enhancement.png Enhanced UX for expired or cancelled subscriptions
enhancement.png Updated UI of clients general tab for readability and clarity
bug_fix.png Fixed bug impacting client creation for some users
bug_fix.png Fixed bug impacting phone number validation on sign up for some users
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the workspace drop-down on the top-bar becoming unresponsive for some users
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the incorrect redirection to organisation settings for some users
new_feature.png Added feature to be able to duplicate a workspace and its resources
new_feature.png Launched the sample workspace for all users to view and interact with mock data to help users learn the full functionality
new_feature.png Added function to copy resources (foods and recipes) to clients

March 2022

enhancement.png Updating analysis and resource caching for increased performance
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing resource tags not to show on general tab for some users
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing newly created food/recipe resources not immediately showing in the food search for some users
bug_fix.pngFixed bug causing the analysis pane to not change to mL for foods/recipes
enhancement.pngUpdated placeholder text in meal plans/food record and 24 hour recalls to say “Food”
enhancement.pngAdded function to display default measure as the first response in food grid search results
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing white screen when user attempt to update the account seats
enhancement.png Updated UI of two-factor authentication modal for enhanced usability
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the base analysis on modal to break nutritional analysis when the user does not enter a reference food before navigating away
enhancement.png Added backend integration tests
enhancement.png Added NRV tables to client-associated resource (meal plans, food records and 24hr recalls) reports
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the account details to require a new password to update other account details
bug_fix.png Updated UI of the reports builder for increased usability
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the 404 error page showing when a workspace is loading
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the share workspaces dialog to enter an infinite refresh loop on opening
enhancement.png Updated UI styling in reports for increased readability 
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing select day button on meal plans to not update the analysis pane
enhancement.png Added PCFA and PMS graph calculations to the calculation service
new_feature.png Enabled two-factor authentication feature
bug_fix.png Updated reports contributions from day/meal table displaying information that was previously displaying incorrectly
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing retention factor modal to open on the wrong food/ingredient
enhancement.png Updated UX to include tabbable selection in sidebar navigation for better accessibility
enhancement.png Updated UI styling to custom nested resources in ingredients/foods grid
enhancement.png Added ability to open nested resources directly from the ellipsis menu in food grid
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing last page of reports to cut off on small screens

February 2022

bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing a recipes analysis pane to not update on ingredient grid selection
new_feature.png Added resource reports feature for foods, recipes, meal plans, food records and 24 hour recalls
enhancement.png Adjusted default enabled nutrients to better reflect user requirements
enhancement.png Updated meta tag for website description to make easier to find
enhancement.png Increased character limit in method text field
bug_fix.png Fixed bug preventing resources with retention factors set from loading correctly
bug_fix.png Fixed bug preventing tracked measurement graphs displaying correctly in Mozilla Firefox
enhancement.png Added 404 error page when user tries to access a page that is unavailable or they do not have permission to access
bug_fix.png Fixed bug affecting client graphs loading for some users
enhancement.png Updated UI of analysis pane for increased usability
enhancement.png Updated UI styling and content for users signing up for the first time
new_feature.png Added act as customer support feature
new_feature.png Added feature allowing the user to grant permissions for Xyris Admin to access account for support purposes
bug_fix.png Fixed bug with email validation for New Zealand customers
new_feature.png Added browser advice for users attempting to app on an unsupported browser
enhancement.png Increased reset password link expiry to 12 hours

January 2022

enhancement.png Major backend refactor to improve app stability and scalability
new_feature.png Added interactive features to analysis pane, including the ability to enable and disable nutrient-focus columns from analysis pane
enhancement.png Added ability to update workspace colour after it has been created
enhancement.png Added ability to favourite a workspace on creation
new_feature.png Updated nutrient-focus columns to display in a warning colour to indicate missing or uncertain values
enhancement.png Moved meal plan configuration modal to resource ellipsis menu
enhancement.png Enhanced performance of the food/ingredients grid
enhancement.png Updated UI styling of the workspaces table for readability
enhancement.png Enhanced performance and reliability of the PCFA and PMS graphs
new_feature.png Added nutrient-focus columns to custom resources in food/ingredients grid
bug_fix.png Fixed bug preventing mapped food calculations displaying correctly for some users
bug_fix.png Fixed bug that prevented some users from creating a new workspace
bug_fix.png Fixed bug that prevented large resources from saving correctly for some users

December 2021

enhancement.png Enhanced UI styling of the organisation settings portal
bug_fix.png Removed sodium from UL graph
bug_fix.png Fixed bug with displaying incorrect information from Stripe for some users
enhancement.png Enhanced UI styling of the invite users modal to improve intuitiveness, look and feel
bug_fix.png Fixed bug preventing some users from signing in
enhancement.png Added warning modal when archiving resources
enhancement.png Updated UI styling to workspace settings for readability and aesthetics
enhancement.png Updated UI styling to the choose your edition page for readability
bug_fix.png Removed case sensitivity from the sign in page
Launched Professional - for details on the features available at launch see Foodworks Professional – Features at 8 Dec 2021
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