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May 2023

bug_fix.png Fixed a bug that could cause characterising ingredients to get stuck as enabled or disabled for some users
enhancement.png Updated the publish labelling information feature to allow for publishing of up to 5000 resources at a time
enhancement.png Updated search query ordering to factor in natural language and account for typos in text for enhanced usability and search performance, helping users locate reference foods more easily
enhancement.png Updated search service for further performance and scalability enhancements under load to improve result times for search queries
bug_fix.png Fixed a bug that could prevent the ingredients statement from generating when an allergen override of 'Maybe' was set on the final recipe
enhancement.png Made changes to improve performance and scalability under load, to improve the user experience when loading the workspace dashboard, opening a workspace, or searching for a food in the ingredients/foods grids
Major ingredients statement updates for enhanced usability. All known issues are now resolved, including:
new_feature.png Selections in the ingredients grid now recalculate the ingredients statement for that selection
bug_fix.png Fixed a bug that prevented final weight (g) from functioning properly in the ingredients statement
bug_fix.png Fixed a bug that prevented the less than 5% statement from being used where both a greater than 5% and less than 5% statement were set in some recipes\
enhancement.png Moved the declaration of present allergens in recipes declared as compound ingredients to better align with the requirements of the code
bug_fix.png Fixed a bug that prevented compound ingredients from being properly declared where they were the only ingredient in a nested recipe
bug_fix.png Fixed a bug that could cause allergens to be declared twice in some compound ingredients
bug_fix.png Fixed a bug that prevented characterising ingredients from calculating correctly where the 'serve' measure was in use in the recipe
bug_fix.png Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect ordering of ingredients within ingredient groups
bug_fix.png Fixed a bug that could cause sub-recipes declared as reconstituted ingredients to use the calculated statement instead of the declared statement
bug_fix.png Fixed an issue that could cause the calculated characterising ingredient % to be too high where a characterising ingredient appears multiple times in different sub recipes declared as compound ingredient (from ingredients)
enhancement.png Updated our understanding of added water availability across sub-recipes to more accurately reflect our understanding of the Code and achieve a shorter ingredients statement. 
enhancement.png Additives will now group under their class name where the class name selected is the same
enhancement.png Improved performance time for generating ingredients statements
enhancement.png Updated app stability to reduce the likelihood of users experiencing app crashes or white-screening

April 2023

enhancement.png Updated UI to include visual indicator when the analysis pane has a nutrient filter applied
enhancement.png Update UI and UX of analysis pane nutrient filters including additional tooltips and updated section names for more clarity for users
enhancement.png Updated inactivity timeout to never for all users. Organisation owners can update these settings in the organisation settings
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the incorrect volume conversion factor to be used where a resource is based on a food with its own volume conversion factor
enhancement.png Updated UX to allow focused nutrients to be set per workspace
bug_fix.png Fixed several bugs in the publish label information to CSV function. These included updates to country of origin (CoOL) value rounding, spacing between values and units of measurement, standardising use of text qualifiers, and issues with energy values and %DI publishing incorrect values or not publishing at all
enhancement.png Added tooltips to yield and number or serves fields
new_feature.png Added final weight/yield calculation result field
enhancement.png Updated ID field on general tab to new name: ID 1
bug_fix.png Fixed bug that could cause CoOL calculation to return incorrect results

March 2023

enhancement.png Updated name of the nutrient 'milk fat' to 'milk solids'
enhancement.png Added new nutrients milk solids % and cocoa solids %
bug_fix.png Updated FVNL and CFV calculations to be percentage based
new_feature.png Added in-app banner to allow Xyris to communicate with Foodworks users more effectively
new_feature.png Added new warning message when nutrition information panel (NIP) displays in 100mL, but the user has not set a volume conversion factor
enhancement.png Updated UI and UX of nutrient focus columns

February 2023

enhancement.png Updated UI to sort tags in the navigation pane by alphabetical order
enhancement.png Updated tooltip next to the HSR/NPSC category menu to include a link to a support article that contains further information about each category
new_feature.png Added show sources graph to analysis pane in nutrition labelling workspaces
enhancement.png Added error handling to the publish labelling information page where no results match the search parameters
enhancement.png Truncated long workspace names in the workspaces drop-down in the top bar
enhancement.png Increased character limits in the description and notes fields on the general tab to allow for up to 25,000 characters
enhancement.png Updated UX and UI of description and notes fields on the general tab for increased readability
enhancement.png Updated nutrition information panel (NIP) to display added sugars when enabled
enhancement.png Updated default enabled reference measures
enhancement.png Updated UI of nutrient filter dialog for enhanced readability
enhancement.png Updated nutrition labelling workspace description
enhancement.png Updated food grid ellipsis menus to display resource type for nested resources

January 2023

enhancement.png Updated enabled workspace nutrients after importing a FoodWorks 10 database to reflect the nutrients enabled in FoodWorks 10 plus the updated allergens per plain english allergen labelling (PEAL) requirements
new_feature.png Added toggle for may contain statements and additional prefix options for precautionary allergen labelling
enhancement.png Updated UI and UX of organisation settings portal for usability enhancements
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the ingredient list to not copy when using the copy label to clipboard function
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing the wrong number of users to display on the workspace management modal

December 2022

enhancement.png Added error-handling email for users who have an database import that fails
enhancement.png Added ability to toggle off country of origin (CoOL) statements on label
enhancement.png Update UI to show custom nutrition labelling resources first in the search responses in the food grid
new_feature.png Added import functionality for FoodWorks 10 Nutrition Labelling databases
new_feature.png Added ingredients tree feature for easier navigation between nested resources
enhancement.png Overhauled the onboarding experience for improved clarity and convenience
enhancement.png Removed the name of the compound ingredient in its own ingredients list where it is the only ingredient declared
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing allergens to be declared twice for compound ingredients
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing allergens to not display for raw materials declared as additives
bug_fix.png Fixed bug causing characterising ingredients to display when not toggled on
enhancement.png Added ability to declare allergens as plurals
Launched Nutrition Labelling - for details on the features available at launch see Foodworks Nutrition Labelling - Features at 14 December 2022
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