Enter or edit volume measures for a liquid raw material


You can enable volume measures (e.g. cup, mL and L) for a raw material. This is especially helpful if the raw material is a liquid.

Then when you use this raw material as an ingredient in a sub recipe or recipe you can use volume measures to enter the quantity.

To do this, you determine the Volume Conversion Factor (VCF) by entering how much a certain volume of this raw material weighs. This is also known as the specific gravity or density

If you also select the Liquid checkbox, the analyses for the raw material are also shown per 100mL.

To enable volume measures, on the Measures tab:

  1. Enter the number of millilitres (mL) and its accompanying weight in grams (g). For example, in the Volume cell enter 100mL = 115g
  2. Select the Liquid checkbox if you wish to show the analyses per 100mL. 
  3. Click Save.


A product specification sheet should include the specific gravity or other volume conversion information. However, you can determine the specific gravity, by using food scales to weigh a certain volume of the raw material. For example, you could use a measuring cup to weigh 250mL of lemon juice.

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