Update - The release date of Easy Diet Diary integration is now mid-2024

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The expected release date of Easy Diet Diary integration with Foodworks.online is now mid-2024. 

A message from the CEO of Xyris regarding Easy Diet Diary integration

Dear valued Foodworks.online users, 

I’d like to take a moment to update you about the expected release date for the integration between our free mobile consumer app, Easy Diet Diary, and Foodworks.online.

This integration will allow your clients to track their diet in their Easy Diet Diary app and for you to easily view and assess their food diary in Foodworks.online.

The expected release date of this integration has been moved six months to mid-2024 (previously end-2023).

We are aware that many of you are eagerly waiting on the new Easy Diet Diary and its integration with Foodworks.online to use with your clients. So I wanted to explain the reasons behind this delay, and also, to thank you in advance for your patience.

Here’s a quick summary of the important points in this email:

  • We’re rebuilding and modernising Easy Diet Diary from the ground up for both Android and iOS.
  • To fully optimise this integration, and build a firm foundation for future features, we’re re-architecting Foodworks.online.
  • The expected delivery date for the new Easy Diet Diary, the upgraded Foodworks.online, and the integration between the two, is now mid-2024.

Why the delay?

In late-2022, we began redeveloping Easy Diet Diary from scratch. While Easy Diet Diary has been very popular for years with dietitians and their clients, it is showing its age and needs modernisation. Also, Easy Diet Diary in its current form cannot integrate with Foodworks.online. At the same time, we began to technically prepare Foodworks.online for the integration.

While working on this development project, we’ve found that our new technology base is very flexible and powerful, which means we can deliver much more for our Foodworks.online users. To fully take advantage of this new capacity, we have broadened the scope of our project to include upgrading the Foodworks.online features and architecture.

To work with this broader project scope, we’ve taken on additional development staff to speed things up. At the same time, we want to ensure that the timelines we provide to you are as realistic as we can make them. So we’re pushing back the forecasted launch date of the integration features to mid-2024.

What are the benefits of this new approach?

We did not take these development decisions lightly as we know their impact – but we’re hoping that the upgraded Foodworks.online and the new Easy Diet Diary will be well worth the wait for you.

Here are some of the benefits we see for you in the upgraded Foodworks.online:

  • Fundamental redesign and uplevelling of the Clients features to make them very useful in your practice.
  • Seamless integration of Easy Diet Diary with Foodworks.online as part of the new Clients features.
  • Autosaving of Foods, Recipes, Food Records and Meal Plans to ensure you never lose ‘unsaved’ changes.
  • A new activity log so you have a record of what happened and when to your resources.
  • Introduction of additional permission roles
  • App-wide improvements to stability, performance, intuitiveness and ease-of-use.

This development lays the groundwork now to make important new features possible in the near future, such as version control of your resources, exporting data in bulk, and more flexible client and resource reports.

The new Easy Diet Diary and the upgraded Foodworks.online will add a lot of value for you. We hope to wow you when they are launched.


Once again, the team and I sincerely apologise for this delay, and we truly appreciate your understanding and continued support.

We’re committed to providing you with an exceptional experience of superior nutritional analysis for Australia and New Zealand, and we’re working hard to take our products to the next level for you.

Thank you, again, for being a Foodworks.online customer. We’re excited about the journey ahead and we can't wait to unveil the new and improved Easy Diet Diary and Foodworks.online.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly via email or telephone (+61 7 3223 5300).

Kind regards,
Declan and the Xyris Team

Declan GoodsellCEOXyris Pty Ltd

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