Resolved - Known issues affecting food labels 17-02-23


Resolved_status_image.png Updated to add - all issues resolved as of May 11, 2023.

When using Nutrition Labelling, please be aware that in some specific use cases the generated ingredients statement may be incorrect.

We’re are fixing these issues as a priority, with all expected to be resolved in May 2023. Updated to add, issues resolved as of May 11, 2023.

When all known issues have been resolved, the warning notice above the generated label in Foodworks will be removed.

In the meantime, you can continue to use Foodworks as usual. However, if your recipes contain the following use cases, check your labels before printing or exporting. When we release the updates, any affected ingredient statements will automatically be corrected, with no action required by you.

If you have any questions or find an issue that has not been noted below, please get in touch with us at

How do I determine if my food labels are impacted?

Most ingredient statements in will continue to generate correctly. There are four known issues that the team is working to resolve currently. If your resources do not fall under the following use cases then your label will not be impacted. Please read through the following scenarios to determine if your labels are generating incorrectly.

1. Resolved_status_image.png Do you have a Final Weight (g) entered for your sub recipe or recipe?
Where moisture loss from cooking is declared by Final Weight (g) instead of Yield (%) the yield factor may not be applied correctly. If there is added water in the recipe, this affects where 'Water' is placed in the ingredients statement. In addition, it affects the calculation of characterising ingredient % if this is in use.

2. Resolved_status_image.png Do you a sub recipe or recipe that contains only one ingredient, and that ingredient is declared as a compound ingredient?
Where a compound ingredient is the only ingredient in a recipe or sub recipe that is used as an ingredient in a final recipe, and if the greater or less than 5% status of the compound ingredient changes in the final recipe, then for the final recipe, the name of the compound ingredient may not be declared correctly.

3. Resolved_status_image.png Do you have a compound ingredient with a <5% statement set?
Where a compound ingredient has a <5% statement set which is being used in the declaration of the compound ingredient in a final recipe, the allergens may display incorrectly. For example, instead of 'Wine (Contains Sulphites), it might appear as 'Wine (Sulphites) (Contains Sulphites)'.

4. Resolved_status_image.png Are any of the ingredients in your sub recipe or recipe entered using the ‘Serve’ measure?
Where a recipe or sub recipe is entered as an ingredient by its 'Serve' measure, that ingredient will not count towards the ingoing weight calculation for the final recipe's characterising ingredients. All characterising ingredient % calculations in the final recipe will be incorrect, even where the characterising ingredient itself has been entered in grams.

Please note that most users will not be impacted by the aforementioned issues and will continue to produce correct food labels using Our team is working to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

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