NZ FOODfiles 2018


Released to July 2022

Last updated: November 2018

FOODfiles is the reference food composition table for New Zealand.

FOODfiles 2018 contains nutrient information on 2,767 foods including carbohydrate, protein, fat, cholesterol, caffeine, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fibre, moisture and ash.

This data source provides the data made available in the 2018 release of the New Zealand FOODfiles Food Composition Tables. Including the newly added nutrients Added Sugars, Free Sugars and Vitamin A - Retinol Activity Equivalents. The FOODfiles data source offers up to 145 nutrients/components (including Vitamin D2 and D3) for 2,767 foods, with 57 mostly complete. The other nutrients have missing values, some for most foods.

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ID: 2 Count: 2,767

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