What are the serve sizes for the Xyris food groups?


The serve sizes for the Xyris food groups are similar to those used in the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (AGHE). They are based on serves sizes either in the technical document supporting the AGHE, A modelling system to inform the revision to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating or in the Australian Dietary Guidelines Summary.

In the Xyris system, for each food group, a single food has been used as a reference food, e.g. a slice of mixed grain bread for the whole grains group, then serve sizes have been produced for the rest of the group. To assign serve sizes for the rest of the group, sometimes a nutrient proxy has been used. For example, in the whole grains group, the serve size is based on the amount of starch in a slice of mixed grain bread.

The following table defines the serve sizes used for the Xyris food groups:






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