Citing Foodworks in your work or literature


If you cite Foodworks in an academic or research publication, include the following in your reference:

  • Title of the software: e.g.
  • Version number to 1 decimal place: Start with V. followed by the version number. The current software version is V.1.0.
  • Edition of the software: e.g. ProfessionalNutrition Labelling, Duo, Research or Education
  • Copyright year (year of release): e.g. 2021
  • The city: Brisbane
  • Author/publisher: Xyris Pty Ltd 

Example reference V.1.0 Professional. [Computer Software]. Brisbane: Xyris Pty Ltd, 2021.

Citing data sources

To find details for AusBrands and AusFoods data sources, in Foodworks select Workspace Settings from the sidebar and select the Data sources tab. Click on a data source for its details. Alternatively, you can find our more about the data sources available in Foodworks here: About the Food Composition Tables.

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