Enter or edit the yield for a recipe


Setting the yield for a cooked recipe adjusts the total weight, water and alcohol values that would be lost or gained during the cooking process. In turn, this changes the concentration of the recipe's other nutrients.

You can enter the yield as a percentage of the final recipe weight or by entering the recipe's final weight in grams.

To enter or edit the yield for a recipe

  1. Open the recipe.
  2. On the Ingredients tab, toggle to choose Yield (%) or Final weight (g).
  3. Enter the yield as a percentage of the ingoing weight or as a final weight in grams.
  4. Click Save.

How yield will impact the recipes nutrition composition

Yield (%)
The percentage yield indicates the percentage weight change of the recipe when cooked. This weight change is accounted for by removing some of the volatile nutrients including water and alcohol.
Yield (%) = Final weight (g) / Raw weight (g) x 100

Therefore, if:

Raw weight = 1000g
Final weight
= 900g
= 900g / 1000g x 100
∴ Yield = 90%
Final weight (g)
If you do not know the yield percentage, Foodworks can calculate the yield for you. Foodworks will divide the final weight by the weight of the ingoing ingredients to determine the yield. This value will then be used to adjust the volatile nutrients of the recipe. 


All recipes must have a value set for either Yield (%) or Final weight (g). By default, the value for yield is set to 100%, this means the water and alcohol content will reflect the composition of the ingoing ingredients. If you make changes to the yield or final weight and no longer wish to keep these changes, simply reset the Yield (%) to 100.

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