What is a food?


A food is a type of Professional resource that you can create as a workspace resource or a client resource.

A food is a custom food that you create and once created, like other resources, appears in the navigation pane. 

For example, you might create a food when you can't find a specialised food you need in the data sources, or if you have specific nutrient data for a food.

When you create a food, you supply its nutrient composition data either by basing its analysis on another similar item from the data sources or by entering nutrient data from an external source. You can also use a hybrid of these approaches, basing the analysis on another item and supplying data for selected nutrients. Optionally, you can provide common measures for the food.

Once created, you can use the food in other resources, for example as a food in a food record, 24 hour recall or meal plan, or as an ingredient in a recipe. When you make changes to the food, any resource using it is automatically updated.

You can view the analyses for a food per 100g or by a custom gram amount.

Foods that are initially created as a workspace resource can be copied to one or more clients. 

By contrast with resource foods, reference foods are supplied in the data sources that come with Foodworks. Reference foods are not Foodworks resources, are not modifiable by you, and are not accessed through the navigation pane.

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