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What are the benefits of over FoodWorks 10?
  • A fresh, modern and intuitive user interface.
  • Access to from any device with an active internet connection (Windows, MacOS and Linux).
  • Automatic feature and data updates.
  • Easier collaboration and sharing.
  • Quicker issue resolution and better support.
  • Enhanced security.

For more, see the blog Benefits of moving to the cloud.

Which browser should I use to run
Our preferred browser for development and testing is the most up-to-date version of Google Chrome. For this reason we recommend running Foodworks in Google Chrome where available. We also test with Safari and Microsoft Edge and the app should work reasonably well with both of these browsers. We recommend to always using the latest version of whichever browser you prefer. If you experience any browser-specific issues, please get in touch with our support team.
Does integrate with Easy Diet Diary?
At this stage, Professional does not integrate with our mobile app, Easy Diet Diary. We’re currently in the progress of rebuilding and modernising Easy Diet Diary from the ground up for both Android and iOS. We have an anticipated release date for the new Easy Diet Diary, which will integrate with, set for mid-2024. If you require Easy Diet Diary integration now, please get in touch with us to access to FoodWorks 10.
Can I continue to use FoodWorks 10 while using
Yes. If necessary, you can continue to use the desktop software as well using the online software. However, there is no data interchange. A conversion tool to transfer data from FoodWorks 10 to will be made available in 2023.
Is designed for nutrition professionals only? is designed with nutrition professionals in mind. Consumers are welcome to use the app, however, professional judgement is required to achieve and interpret accurate results. Easy Diet Diary remains our more broadly accessible nutrition analysis software for personal dietary analysis.
When will other editions be available? launched with the Professional edition in December 2021 and both Nutrition Labelling and Duo editions launched in December 2022. For the rollout plan, please see the support article, Roadmap for
How do I keep up-to-date?

To be the first to hear about new features in, subscribe to our mailing list on our website. We will contact all FoodWorks 10 and users via email with each major announcement. Also, keep in touch via the website, blog and socials.

The Roadmap for is available on this support site.

Can I give feedback or report a bug or discrepancy?
Yes, we appreciate all your feedback and suggestions. To give feedback or suggestions:
  • In the app, click Give Feedback.
  • Submit a support ticket on our Learning and Support site.

You can report any discrepancies, bugs or any other problems you encounter using through our Learning and Support Centre or through the feedback button in the app.

How do I suggest new foods/products/brands be added to the data sources?
You can make suggestions through our Learning and Support Centre or in the app, using the Give Feedback button.
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