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 This article applies to organisation owners only.

For more information, see What is an organisation owner?

If you are a Professional or Nutrition Labelling user, you can upgrade your edition to Duo. Duo is a combination of both editions, allowing you to create both Professional and Nutrition Labelling workspaces and access all associated features.

To upgrade your edition to Duo

  1. Open your Workspace dashboard.
  2. On the topbar, select    Organisation Settings.
  3. Select Subscription.
  4. Your current edition is shown. Click Upgrade to Duo.
  5. Read through and accept the Terms or Service
  6. Click Upgrade


  • Organisations may only upgrade to Duo edition. Organisations with Duo cannot downgrade their edition. 
  • Organisations with the Professional edition cannot switch to Nutrition Labelling and vice versa.
  • Please get in touch with our support team if you believe the edition you are using is not right for you. 
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