Cancel your plan


 This article applies to organisation owners only.

For more information, see What is an organisation owner?

To cancel your plan

  1. Open your Workspace dashboard.
  2. Click your organisation name, then in the dropdown menu, select  Organisation Settings
  3. Click Billings & Plans.
  4. Click Cancel Plan.
  5. Type CANCEL and click Confirm cancellation.
  6. Click Save.

To reactivate your plan

After cancelling, you can reactivate your plan at any time before the Next payment due date.

  1. Go to your organisation settings.
  2. Click Reactivate Billing.


  • When you cancel your plan, you can continue to use Foodworks for the remainder of the billing period, that is, until the Next payment due date. After that date, you cannot access Foodworks or the data stored in Foodworks.
  • To see the Next payment due date, in your organisation settings, click Billings Plans.
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