Grant Xyris Support with temporary account access for technical support



 This article applies to organisation owners only.

For more information, see What is an organisation owner?

You can allow Xyris Support to assume the role of a user within your account for technical support purposes. This will allow Xyris to access your account to investigate and resolve support enquiries in an efficient manner. 

To grant Xyris temporary access to your account

  1. Open the Workspace dashboard.

  2. On the topbar, select    Organisation Settings. (Only the organisation owner can see and access these settings.)

  3. Select Security.

  4. Toggle on Grant Xyris Support remote access.

This will grant Xyris support access to your account with Organisation Admin permissions for 14 days. 


  • Access to your account will toggle off automatically after 14 days, but you can choose to toggle it off here at any time.
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