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In Professional, the navigation pane displays all the resources you have created. From the navigation pane, you can create new resources and view all your existing resources. Use the search bar in the navigation pane to search for resources by their name or IDs.


Use the    Apply filters dropdown to set filters and conditions to the navigation pane to help you find your resources quickly 

  • Sort
    • Resources a-z (default)
    • Resources new - old 
  • Status
    • Active
    • Archived
  • Resources
    • Foods
    • Recipes
    • Meal plans
    • Food records
    • 24 hour recalls
  • Tags
    • User defined


  • When a filter has been applied, you will see a number beside the     Apply filters icon to indicate that the navigation pane results are filtered. 
  • The icon on each resource indicates the resource type including foods, recipes, meal plans, food records and 24 hour recalls. 

Use the   Viewing mode to apply additional views to your navigation pane 

  • Show tags
    • The navigation pane will display each of the tags applied to the resources
  • Show IDs
    • The navigation pane will display with the IDs set for each of your resources where an ID 1 or ID 2 is set
  • Show client resources
    • The navigation pane will update to show all your client-associated resources. The symbol indicates that the resource is associated with a client. Hover over the client icon to view the name of the client the resource is associated with. 


When a viewing mode has been applied, you will see a number beside the   Apply viewing mode icon. This  indicates that the navigation pane has different modes set currently and the results are based on the filter applied. 

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