View nutrient analyses for a resource


To view the nutrient analyses for a resource

  1. Open the resource.
  2. If the analysis pane is collapsed, click the expander arrow to display it. The analysis pane is shown on the right, listing the nutrients and their values for this resource.
  3. If necessary, toggle to Analysis (rather than Label).


  4. In the analysis pane, select a unit of analysis, for example, 100g or Serve.


  • To show the analysis for a selection of ingredients in a recipe or sub recipe: In the recipe or sub recipe, on the Ingredients tab, select the ingredients as required. The values in the analysis pane reflect your selection. 
  • To show the analysis for a custom weight of the resource, in the analysis pane, type in the number of grams:


  • To collapse and expand groups of nutrients, use the expander arrow beside the nutrient group name, for example:


  • To collapse the analysis pane, click the arrow. 


  • The units of analysis available in the analysis pane depend on the type of resource. For example: for a recipe or sub recipe for which you've set the serves, you can choose Serve.
  • By default, all the nutrients and components enabled for this workspace are shown in the analysis pane. For more information, see Enable nutrients and components for a workspace.
  • A nutrition labelling resource is a recipe, sub recipe or raw material. For more information, see What is a resource?
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