Show a nutrient-focus column for each ingredient


When analysing the nutrients in a recipe or sub recipe, you can focus on nutrients of interest, showing a breakdown by ingredients.

To show analyses for a selected nutrient for each ingredient

  1. Open the recipe or sub recipe.
  2. On the Ingredients tab, click Screenshot_2023-03-08_at_3.22.42_pm.png Edit nutrient columns.
  3. Select up to three nutrients.

Nutrient columns appear on the Ingredients tab, showing the selected nutrients' values for  each food or ingredient.

To hide the nutrient columns, simply uncheck all the nutrients selected. 


  • You can also select and deselect nutrients of interest by clicking the nutrient in the analysis pane.


  • The nutrient columns are set for all recipes and sub recipes in the workspace.
  • A nutrition labelling resource is a recipe, sub recipe or raw material. For more information, see What is a resource? 
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