Declare allergens for a raw material


To declare allergens for a raw material

  1. Open the raw material.
  2. On the Nutrients tab, in the Override column, set all the Allergens, selecting Yes, No or Maybe from the dropdown.
  3. Optional: Make notes in the Note column.
  4. Click Save.

Tip – Keyboard shortcuts for setting allergens

To quickly set the status for an allergen, in the Override column, click its value field and type y (for Yes), n (for No) or m (for Maybe).

Your input focus then automatically moves to the next allergen in the list, ready for you to type a letter. 


  • If you do not set the status for all allergens, Foodworks displays warnings in the warnings/errors menu at the top of the screen. Screen_Shot_2023-02-28_at_11.26.12_am.png
  • When this raw material is used as an ingredient in a recipe or sub recipe, its allergen declarations flow through to the recipe or sub recipe. If the value is 'Yes', this allergen is shown on the label as a Contains statement. If the value is 'Maybe', this allergen is shown on the label as a May Contain statement.
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