View a client's graphs


To see your client's progress for their tracked biometrics and for their NRVs/goals, view their Graphs tab.

To view graphs for a client's biometrics 

  1. Open the client.
  2. On the Graphs tab, enter the start and end dates for the date range under consideration. 
  3. Under Tracked measurements, view the graphs. 


  • If necessary, expand Tracked measurements.
  • A graph is shown for each biometric selected on the client's Tracking tab.
  • Each tracked biometric graph has functions so that you can view the data more easily, including zooming options.

To view graphs for a client's NRVs or intake goals

  1. Open the client.
  2. On the Graphs tab, click the NRVs/Intake goals analysis based on box, then select a meal plan, food record or 24 hour recall.
  3. View the graphs. 


  • To expand and pop out a graph, click the graph. 
  • For different viewing options, in the graph pop-out, click the button and select from the menu:

Common reasons the NRV graphs may not generate:

  • The clients age or date of birth, or gender has not been entered on the client's General tab.
  • The Screenshot_2023-04-27_at_9.27.47_am.png Submit Entry icon has not been selected after entering a weight or height on the client's General tab.
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