Create or edit a meal plan


You can create a meal plan for use within the whole workspace or for a specific client. 

To create a meal plan

  1. Open your workspace.
  2. To create a meal plan for the workspace: On the sidebar, select Resources, then in the navigation pane, select New > Meal plan
     - OR -
    To create a meal plan for a client: On the sidebar, select Clients. In the navigation pane, select the client, then, in the navigation pane, click New > Meal plan (or, on this client's Resources tab, click Create new > Meal plan).
  3. On the General tab, enter the name of the meal plan. The other fields are optional. See Fields on the General tab.
  4. To set up the days/dates for the meal plan:
      • Click the     Ellipsis and select Configure days.
      • Enter the number of days or the date range.
      • Click Generate Plan.
      • Edit the Plan structure as required.
      • Click OK. 
  5. On the Foods tab, for each day and meal, enter the foods and their quantities. For more detail, see Enter or edit foods and their quantities.
  6. Click Save.

To edit a meal plan

  1. Open the meal plan and make the necessary edits. 
  2. Click Save.


  • To rename a meal: On the Foods tab, select the day, click the meal name and type the new name.
  • To add a day: On the Foods tab, click Add day.
  • To make a copy of a meal plan for a client: Click the     Ellipsis and select Copy to client. Select the client and click OK.
  • When you create a meal plan as a client resource, or when you copy a meal plan to a client, you can then view the client's planned nutrient intake against their Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs) and their custom goals.

Fields on the General tab

Enter the name for the meal plan.
Id 1 and Id 2
Optional: Enter Ids for this meal plan. 
Optional: Classify the meal plan by tagging it using an existing tag or creating a new tag.
Optional: Enter a description for this meal plan. 
Optional: Enter notes for this meal plan.
Copy to client
Optional: For details, see Copy a resource to a client
Timestamps showing when this food was created and modified.
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