View nutrient analyses for a resource


To view the nutrient analyses for a resource

  1. Open the resource.
  2. If the analysis pane is collapsed, click the expander arrow to display it:

    The analysis pane is shown on the right, listing the nutrients and their values for this resource.

  3. In the analysis pane, select a unit of analysis, for example, 100g or Avg/Day.


  • To show the analysis for a selection of foods, meals, days, or ingredients in the resource: In the open resource, select the foods or ingredients, days, or meals as required. The values in the analysis pane reflect your selection. 
  • To collapse and expand groups of nutrients, use the expander arrow beside the nutrient group name, for example:
  • To collapse the analysis pane, click the arrow:


  • The units of analysis available in the analysis pane depend on the type of resource. For example: for a recipe for which you've set the serves, you can choose Serve; for a food record or meal plan, you can choose Avg/Day.
  • By default, all the nutrients and components enabled for this workspace are shown in the analysis pane. For more information, see Enable nutrients and components for a workspace.
  • A resource is a recipe, meal plan, food, food record or 24 hour recall. For more information, see What is a resource? 
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