Declare a raw material as a compound ingredient


You can declare a raw material on labels as a compound ingredient. A compound ingredient is an ingredient which itself has 2 or more ingredients, and appears within a label's ingredient list as its declaration name followed by its own ingredients list in parentheses ().

When declaring a raw material as a compound ingredient, provide a statement of ingredients. 

Optionally, you can also assign the raw material to an ingredient group, which means it can be grouped in the ingredient statements on label. See Notes.

To declare a raw material as a compound ingredient – with an ingredient statement

  1. Open the raw material.
  2. On the General tab, click Label declaration.
  3. In the dropdown list, to enter an ingredient statement for use on labels, select Compound ingredient.
  4. In the Declaration name box, enter the name you wish to use for this recipe or sub recipe when it is used as an ingredient.
  5. Optional: To assign this ingredient to an Ingredient Group, either type a new ingredient group name or select an existing group from the dropdown. See Notes.
  6. Enter the statement for when this compound ingredient is >5% of the final recipe.
  7. From the Statement (<5%) setting dropdown, select the statement for when the compound ingredient is less than 5% of the final recipe.
  8. Click Save.

Notes: About ingredient groups

  • Ingredient groups are categories you define – such as fruit, nuts, milk products – to group ingredients (whether a recipe, sub recipe or raw material) when they appear in the ingredient statement of a nutrition label. For example, if the raw materials cashews and almonds have been assigned to the group nuts, then they can appear in labels as nuts (cashews, almonds).
  • When you create a new ingredient group by typing it into a resource, it is added to the dropdown list of ingredient groups, so you can then select it for other resources.
  • To use an ingredient group in a label for a final recipe, set the properties for that recipe's label: Open the recipe, click the Labelling tab, then select the ingredient group. 
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