Set the general properties for a food label


You can edit and refine your food label to suit your needs in the Labelling > General tab. 

To set and edit the label general properties:

  1. Open the relevant recipe or sub recipe.
  2. Navigate to the Labelling tab and click the General sub-tab.
  3. Fill out each of the fields (as required) as described below.


1. Alternate label name

  • By default, for the title displayed at the top of the label, Foodworks uses the name assigned to the recipe. Use this option to set an alternate label name to that of the recipe.

2. Label description

  • Text to display below the label name, for example, a description of the food product. 

3. Servings per pack

  • Use to display a number of servings next to the Servings per package heading on a label.

4. Serving size description

  • Use to add a description for the serving size (as defined in the ingredients tab of your recipe) in brackets alongside the Serving size heading on a label, for example 1 Tbsp. 

Show per 100mL not per 100g

  • Sets whether to display the per 100mL column (instead of the per 100g column). This checkbox also influences the measurement used for the label Serving size and the measurement displayed at the bottom of the HSR graphic.

5. Preparation instructions

  • Use to add preparation instructions to the label.

6. Storage Instructions

  • Use to add storage instructions to the label.

7. Message

  • Use to add additional text to the bottom of the label.

8. Net weight

  • Use to add weight of the package contents in grams.


  • If you do not supply any data for a section, it will not display on the label. 
  • These settings apply to the label on this recipe only. 
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