Set the nutrients to display on a food label


By default, Foodworks shows the mandatory nutrients in the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP) of a label.

To display additional nutrients in the NIP of a label:

  1. Open the relevant recipe or sub recipe.
  2. Navigate to the Labelling tab and click the NIP sub-tab.
  3. Select nutrients as required from the Nutrients to include in NIP table.
  4. Click Save near the top right of the screen.

Your label will update in realtime, click Label in the analysis pane to view the changes. 


  • If you do not see the option to select a particular nutrient, you might need to enable the display of that nutrient in Workspace settings.

To enable additional nutrients for the workspace:

  1. On the sidebar, select  Settings
  2. Select the Nutrients & components tab.
  3. Select the nutrient/s you would like to enable. 
  4. Navigate back to the relevant recipe, select the Labelling tab and click the NIP sub-tab. The nutrient should now be displayed in the Nutrients to include in NIP list.


Additional customisation for displaying nutrient values in the NIP can also be enabled or disabled on the NIP tab. 

Use FSANZ rounding rules 

  • Applies rounding rules required to comply fully with the Food Standards Code. This might not always be appropriate, for example, if this recipe will be used as a raw material by another food manufacturer.

Show calories with kJ

  • Displays the equivalent Cal value in brackets alongside the energy value on the label.

Show “less than” for small values

  • Displays "less than" for small values, rather than giving the actual value. The additional option, Use FSANZ minimum values, controls whether to use the minimums permitted in the Food Standards Code or not.

Use FSANZ minimum values

  • Uses the minimums permitted in the Food Standards Code.

Round very small values to 0 (<0.001)

  • Rounds nutrient values that may be considered insignificant to 0.
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