What is a recipe or sub recipe?


In Nutrition Labelling, recipes and sub recipes are types of resources. They have the same content, however, they are represented by different icons to make it easy for you to use them for different purposes:

Sub recipe Screenshot_2023-01-04_at_8.53.02_am.png Create sub recipes for in-house recipes that are for use as ingredients in your final products.
Recipe Screenshot_2023-01-04_at_8.54.08_am.png Create recipes for final products for which you are generating nutrition labels.


For each recipe or sub recipe, you enter its ingredients and their quantities. It's recommended that you select the ingredients from raw materials and sub recipes in the workspace (rather than from a reference data source).

Once created, like other resources, recipes and sub recipes appears in the navigation pane.

By default, the nutrient analysis of the recipe or sub recipe is based on its ingredients, as well as other information you might provide, such as retention factors for the ingredients and the recipe yield. You can also optionally provide serve information, common measures and a method.

You can use both recipes and sub recipes as ingredients in other recipes. When you make changes to the recipe or sub recipe, any resource using it is automatically updated.

Within the recipe or sub recipe, you also specify and tailor the content of its nutrition label.

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