Set retention factors for ingredients


Apply a retention factor to an ingredient to adjust its level of vitamins, minerals or alcohol as a result of the preparation and cooking process undertaken. Retention factors  are applied on an ingredient-by-ingredient basis. 

To set retention factors for the ingredients in a recipe or sub recipe

  1. Open the recipe or sub recipe.
  2. On the Ingredients tab, hover over the ingredient and click   Ellipsis.
  3. Select Set retention factor
  4. In the Select retention factor group section, search for a food similar to this ingredient to base your retention factor on, and select the food.
  5. In the Select cooking process section, choose from the list of cooking methods. 
  6. To move to the next ingredient in your recipe or sub recipe, select Next ingredient and repeat steps 4 and 5. Repeat as required. 
  7. When you have finished applying retention factors for this recipe or sub recipe, click OK.
  8. Click Save.


  • Setting a retention factor for ingredients accounts for vitamin, mineral and alcohol loss during cooking.
  • When an ingredient is used in a very small quantity you may be able to ignore it.
  • If a retention factor is set for an ingredient, its name is shown in the ingredient row. Hover over the name to show more detail.

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