Generating allergen declarations for labels


This article is a quick overview of how to work with allergen declarations statements in Nutrition Labelling.

It is recommended that you declare allergens for all your raw materials. You do this on the Nutrients tab of the raw material. If you don't set a value for all the allergens in a raw material, Foodworks displays a warning message at the top of the screen.

For example:


When raw materials are used as ingredients in your recipes and sub recipes, the recipes automatically inherit their allergen values.

By default, these inherited values are shown as the allergen declarations on the recipe labels. The allergens are bolded in the ingredients statement, and are also declared in a Contains or May contain statement as appropriate. 

For example:


You can override the inherited allergen values for a recipe or sub recipe. To do this, set the allergen values on the recipe's Overrides tab. For how, see Override allergen declarations for a recipe or sub recipe.

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