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For each of your nutrition clients or patients, in Foodworks you can create a client. This article steps you through how to set up a client. This article is also available as a video tutorial, click to play below.  

Video Tutorial


Create a client and enter their profile details

To create a client:

  1. Open or create a workspace.
  2. On the sidebar, click   Clients.
  3. In the navigation pane, click New and select Client.
  4. On the General tab, enter the name for the client.
  5. Enter their Profile details. 

For clients, changes are saved automatically. Once saved, the client's name, age and sex now appears in the navigation pane, as in this example:



Entering the client's profile details enables Foodworks to calculate their BMI, Estimated Energy Requirements and Nutrient Reference Values.


When you enter the client's Current weight and Current height, type the number, then click the Submit Entry button:


Tag a client

To organise your clients, you can create and apply multiple tags that are relevant for your work. For example, you might tag a client with the clinic in which you see them, and also with relevant health conditions. 

To tag a client:

  1. On the General tab for the client, hover over the Tags field, and click Add client tag.
  2. Select a tag or create a tag.


To show client tags beside client names in the navigation pae, click the ellipsis (...) and select Show tags.

Add resources for a client

You can create resources for a client and store them on their Resources tab. You can:

To create a resource for a client:

  1. In the open client, click their Resources tab.
  2. Click Create new and select the resource type (food, recipe, meal plan, food record or 24 hour recall). 
  3. On the General tab for the resource, enter the name for the resource, then click Save.
  4. Add the details of the resource. 

You can see the resources that you've created for your client listed in the client's Resources tab. Also, in the navigation pane, when you select a client name, their resources are listed in the navigation pane.


If you already have meal plans in your workspace that are for general use across the workspace, you can copy them to this client's Resources tab as needed. Go to the meal plan, and click the ellipsis (...) button. Select Copy to client, and then select the client.

Set custom nutrient goals for a client

To set personalised nutrient goals for a client:

  1. Click their NRVs/Goals tab.
  2. For the nutrients of interest, enter minimum and/or maximum goals.


On the client's Graphs tab, you can see their nutrient intake against their goals. 

Set and log biometrics for a client

You can track a wide range of anthropometric, biochemical and clinical biometrics for each of your clients. 

To select the biometrics to track for a client:

  1. In the open client, click their Tracking tab.
  2. Click    Add biometric to add anthropometric, biochemical or clinical biometric for tracking.
  3. To remove a biometric for this client, on its panel, click   Hide biometric.

To log an entry for a biometric:

  1. On their Tracking tab, go to the biometric panel, and enter a value and a date.
  2. Click Submit entry.

View progress graphs for a client

To view graphs for a client's biometrics (as set and logged on the Tracking tab):

  1. Click the client's Graphs tab.
  2. Select the date range.

To view graphs related to nutrition:

  1. On the Graphs tab, scroll down to NRVs/Intake goals analysis
  2. In the Based on drop down, select a client resource to base the NRV/Goals analysis on.
  3. Select the graph to view analysis in both graph and tabulated forms. 
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