Create and apply tags to a section


On the Foods or Ingredients tab of a resource, you can group the foods/ingredients into logical sections (such as a meal or a recipe component).

You can then create and apply tags to the sections, enabling you to select the tagged sections for nutrient analysis in the analysis pane.

To create a tag and apply it to a section

  1. Open the resource.
  2. On the Foods/Ingredients tab, point to the section title to which you want to apply the tag.
  3. Click   Add tags.
  4. To create and apply a new tag, select Create tag, enter a name for the tag and select a colour. Click Save tag.
    - Or -
    To select and apply an existing tag, choose from Recently created tags, or click All tags and select from the list (All tags appears when three or more tags have been created). 
  5. Click Save.


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