Set warning and advisory statements for a raw material


To set warning and advisory statements for a raw material

  1. Open the raw material.
  2. On the Nutrients tab, in the Override column, set all the Warning Statements and Advisory Statements, selecting Yes or No from the dropdown.
  3. Optional: Make notes in the Note column.
  4. Click Save.

Tip – Keyboard shortcuts for warning and advisory statements

To quickly set the status for a warning or advisory statement, in the Override column, click its value field and type y (for Yes) or n (for No).

For the advisory statements, your input focus then automatically moves to the next in the list, ready for you to type a letter. 


  • If you do not set the status for all the warning and advisory statements, Foodworks displays warnings in the warnings/errors menu at the top of the screen. Screen_Shot_2023-02-28_at_11.26.12_am.png
  • When this raw material is used as an ingredient in a recipe or sub recipe, its advisory and warning statements do not automatically show on the label for the recipe. Instead, you must set them for each recipe: On the recipe's Labelling tab, click the Statements subtab, and set the advisory or warning statements for the recipe there.
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